Inflatable Jacuzzi or Jacuzzi, which one to choose?

The jacuzzi is the ideal equipment for wellness enthusiasts. It allows users to indulge in a moment of rest and relaxation with its warm water and bubbles. Its benefits apply to both the physical and the mental. As a result, the reasons for owning it are numerous and attract more and more people. The models offered on the market are numerous: classic jacuzzi and inflatable jacuzzi. What are their differences ? Which is the most advantageous? In this article we talk about their respective characteristics so that you can get an idea beforehand and choose the one that suits you.

The inflatable jacuzzi

The main advantage of the inflatable jacuzzi is that it is the cheapest model on the market, that is, it is in the low-cost spa category. Quite simple and minimalist in appearance, it still allows you to enjoy the benefits one would expect from a jacuzzi: relaxation and relaxation. You should know that the options are limited.

In addition to its very affordable price, the inflatable jacuzzi also has the advantage of being portable and easy to set up. It can therefore be placed anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. Depending on your convenience, you can then choose to put it in your bathroom, living room or in your garden. It does not require a lot of space and can be transported at will. However, it is good to know that it will not be necessary to inflate and re-inflate after each use.

Considering its price, it is normal that most inflatable hot tubs do not benefit from after-sales service and that the accessories supplied with them are quite limited.

The classic jacuzzi

Unlike the inflatable jacuzzi, the classic model has rigid walls. It also comes standard with more features and more options, which means that the performance is better. Several variants are available for the classic jacuzzi but it will be necessary to choose whether it is going to be built in or not. To do this, you have to choose between whether it will be an indoor or outdoor jacuzzi because, unlike the inflatable jacuzzi, the installation here is not portable.

Aesthetically, the classic Jacuzzi whether indoor or outdoor is elegant, it can be made of wood, pvc and many others. So it is obviously much more expensive than the inflatable model.

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