The outdoor spa must be in harmony with the house and the garden

The best thing is to choose a pleasant place in your garden to install the spa, a place that is quiet and protected from view. A spa is very pleasant when it is surrounded by greenery. However, be careful with the choice of plants to avoid polluting the water. Also consider the view you will have when you are in the spa.

But do not set up the spa too far from the house either because when you want to take a bath and it will be 0 ° C outside, you will have to run fast with your little bathrobe! Also, if the spa is near your home, it is much safer for you if young children are playing in the garden. You can also monitor the health of the spa on a daily basis (rapid intervention if there is a leak, for example).

The ideal, therefore, is to be able to strike a balance between quick access to the home and the joys of the outdoors.

You can also install your spa next to your swimming pool to create a relaxation area in your garden. For a perfect harmony, the spa should be in harmony with the swimming pool in terms of shape and color.

Outdoor spa: some precautions to take

The spa must be placed on a flat and stable surface. It is also necessary to pay attention to the resistance constraints of the soil. NB: The slightest ground subsidence can have damaging consequences on the spa shell. Outdoors, it is advisable to raise the concrete slab about ten centimeters.

- There must be a supply of electricity of sufficient intensity.
- Also remember to position the spa so that the technical elements are easy to access.
- Do not choose a location where a lot of water can fall on the spa.
- Also avoid areas that are too exposed to the sun for prolonged periods (wear of the spa cover and skirt)
- Pay attention to the environment around the spa so as not to pollute the water (no polluting plants, watch out for nearby dirt roads, dead leaves, sand, etc.)
- The floor around the spa must not become slippery when wet
- The ground should also not be afraid of splashing water

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